• Visa 代碼化技術



Visa 代碼服務可幫你打造並維護你的數碼化付款體驗,同時保護消費者的敏感資料免受詐騙。鑒於有更多消費者在期待手機付款解決方案,Visa 代碼服務提供了三種關鍵工具幫你滿足需求。
Man with a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, papers and Square payment device on a desk in front of him.

A left hand holding a mobile phone with a Visa card visible on its screen and an Apple watch on the wrist.
Hand holding a mobile phone with Google Pay Visa card shown on the screen.
A hand holding a mobile phone showing a Visa card on the screen while in front of a payment terminal.
Woman standing in front of a parked car while looking at her Fitbit.
Man with a backpack standing in front of a counter and a woman smiling at him.

Woman looking at her mobile phone with Visa Checkout on the screen.
A flatlay of a pizza and a mobile phone showing a transaction threshold of $50 on the screen.

Woman checking her watch on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.
A woman driving a black convertible car and a man in the passenger seat.
A woman using a smartphone and man using a laptop both sitting on a couch in front of a television.

Using Apple Pay at a contactless-enabled terminal inside a taxi.
Person standing in front of a table scanning a qr code on his mobile phone.
Close up of a hand holding a mobile phone next to a payment terminal.

Illustration of a stopwatch.


Illustration depicting data transfer on a smartphone.