About Ka-long

“Edgar” Cheung Ka-long comes from a sporting family. Both of his parents played basketball in Hong Kong leagues. However, Ka-long chose a different sport — as a left-handed fencer. He has been in the sport since the 4th grade at primary school.

He was flag bearer for Hong Kong, China at the 2017 National Games in the People’s Republic of China and at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. In 2019 at the Grand Prix in Turin, where more than 200 top fencers were featured, Ka-long made it to the finals and took a silver medal. That same year, he also took home a bronze medal at the Grand Prix in Anaheim, California.

Ka-long competed at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and won a gold medal in men’s foil. 

Outside of the sport, he listens to upbeat music prior to competing and his hero is former U.S. Basketball player Denis Rodman.

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Hong Kong, China